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355ML / 12OZ

The Large Highball is used to serve highball cocktails and other mixed drinks. It is taller than the Old Fashioned, but shorter and wider than the Collins. The Capella Stack Highball is designed specifically for hospitality, this range is space efficient - behind and on the bar, light to carry and dishwasher friendly, featuring a unique base the allows water to drain easily after a commercial dishwashing cycle.

Ref. STRL720123


Beautifully elegant.

All Strahl® products are made of a high

quality polycarbonate, a remarkable material

that creates the clarity and elegance of glass.

What’s more, every product is hand finished

to remove manufacturing join lines. The

result? Beverageware that’s beautiful to look

at, and equally beautiful to drink from.


Exquisitely versatile.

With Strahl®, it’s possible to entertain in

style, anywhere. Our exquisite products

are designed to be chilled in either the

refrigerator or freezer, while superior

insulation properties keep beverages at

optimal drinking temperature for longer.


Incredibly strong.

Unlike glass, Strahl® beverageware doesn’t

shatter so it’s an extremely safe and longlasting

alternative. Not only is it stronger,

no Strahl® product is complete until it has

undergone a unique finishing process to

extend its lifespan and durability.


Remarkably easy to clean.

Strahl® products can be cleaned in

commercial dishwasher systems with ease,

at either high or low temperatures. So

they’re ideal for high-use situations such as

restaurants, bars or catering companies.


Clearly cost-effective.

Strahl® beverageware’s tough and durable

polycarbonate material reduces the

frequency of re-ordering, so it’s a cost saving

alternative to glass. Now that’s a benefit

worth drinking to.

Your Strahl® ‘incredible strength’ guarantee.

Your Strahl® beverageware is made of the highest

quality polycarbonate, a material chosen for its

incredible strength, clarity and durability.

However, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase

due to faulty or defective materials, workmanship

or manufacturing, please return the product with

proof of purchase to the original supplier - and

it will be replaced free of charge. Naturally, this

guarantee does not extend to fair wear and tear or

damage caused by misuse or mishandling.


What can you serve in your Strahl® beverageware?

The unique properties of Strahl® means cold

drinks can remain cold for much longer than

drinks served in glass or ceramic. You can serve

almost any cold beverages or food in Strahl,

except for aniseed-based drinks such as Pernod,

Anis, Ricard, Raki and Ouzo as they can cause

permanent damage.

Strahl® is recommended for use with cold or room

temperature drinks and food. If you plan to use it

for hot drinks or in the microwave, please refer to

our FAQ page at strahlbeverageware.com.


How to care for your Strahl® beverageware.

Strahl® is made from incredibly strong

polycarbonate, which requires slightly different

handling to standard glassware:

1. Avoid stacking Strahl® products while carrying

or storing (except the CapellaStack range, which is

designed for stacking), as they may scratch if they

rub together.

2. Wash your Strahl® beverageware in the

dishwasher or by hand with warm soapy water

to remove residues from juice, milk, stout etc.

Washing in a sterilizer can result in a build-up of


3. Avoid cleaning with abrasive brushes, which

may scratch. Buffing with a microfiber glass

polishing cloth will remove light scratches and

abrasions and help keep Strahl® strong and crystal