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  • Quinta - Cutting Board (45X33cm)
  • Quinta - Cutting Board (45X33cm)
  • Quinta - Cutting Board (45X33cm)
  • Quinta - Cutting Board (45X33cm)

Quinta - Cutting Board (45X33cm)

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SKU: QCB4533


Made in Europe
Wood from controlled forestry from certified, regionally based suppliers
Use of solar energy in the production and recycling of sawdust for drying the wood.


Solid oak wood, oiled
Antibacterial properties due to the high tannic acid content
Waterproof, food-safe gluing
Optimum wood hardness for high resistance in application and protection of fine knife blades. Harder than walnut or acacia, but not as rock hard as bamboo 



A cutting board for everything. The generous square shape offers enough space for your everyday kitchen action. On our large QUINTA board you can cut and prepare, but also prepare a pretty cheese platter for your guests.


 Innovative, contrasting comfort handle, which does not rest on the ground, as usual, but floats slightly above it and can therefore be grasped wonderfully with one hand. So the wooden boards can be easily lifted with one hand and passed around. Perfect for a big, cozy round table!


45 x 33 cm



A detailed care manual is included
Clean your board only under lukewarm water and with a little detergent if necessary
Wooden boards must not be put in the dishwasher
Refresh your board occasionally with our specially matched care oil.

Pode ser personalizada com gravação laser. 

Para isso, deve adicionar ao seu carrinho o artigo Personalização.


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