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  • Porta Bottiglia Pece
  • Porta Bottiglia Pece
  • Porta Bottiglia Pece
  • Porta Bottiglia Pece

Porta Bottiglia Pece

18,90 €  
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Porta Bottiglia is the firmest removable bicycle wine rack you can attach to your bike frame.

Designed and made in Italy from regenerated cotton, enriched with soft genuine leatherette details, Porta Bottiglia is a reliable bike accessory that allows you to safely carry your favourite bottle to destination while keeping your hands steady on the grips.
Although designed to accommodate the Urban Bottle, it is flexible enough to hold standard bottles from 500ml to 750ml, also providing the safest way of attaching a wine bottle to your bike frame.


Handwash recommended
Regenerated cotton
Leatherette handle
Velcro fasteners
Fits 500ml and 750ml bottles including glass wine bottles
Designed and handmade in Italy
Extremely easy to attach in horizontal or vertical positions


Weight: 55 grams